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The museum could not have happened with out support from volunteers who have given freely of their time, and our growing number of partners and sponsors.

The work we do at Strathalbyn Tourism Association (a non-profit volunteer run organisation) is aimed at bringing visitors to Strathalbyn, and putting smiles upon the faces of all – visitors and locals alike. We aim to showcase the best Strathalbyn and surrounds has to offer. The Museum is one part of that – a beautiful property, with a huge history, put back to work, as a based for motor enthusiasts, families, car clubs, local market and community groups.


Nothing would happen without our Volunteers!

To date, they have done huge amounts of work getting the old building ready to be on show and house people’s motoring pride and joy.

Once we open, our Volunteers will be even more important, allowing us to open the doors for more days and share their stories.

If you would like to volunteer your time and lend your support, please contact the museum, we’d love to hear from you!

Simply fill out this membership form and drop it in or send it in to the Museum.


The museum offers Silver and Gold Membership.

Silver is $25 per annum – and provides entry to the museum as often as you wish.

Gold is $50 per annum and provides entry as often as you wish. Plus people accompanying you will only pay $5 entry fee. This membership level also includes your vehicle and passengers entry into the annual Gilbert’s Motoring Festival held in November. For those with membership for our first year, we have extended the period by 2 months, to cover the period when we were unable to open.

Contact us now to sign up for Membership, or fill out this form.


Your donation will support the development of the Museum

The building that houses the Museum was used as a workshop for over 100 years, so some of the donated money will be used to ensure the museum is appealing to patrons from the first day it is open.

We need to purchase: Display stands, printed material, murals, signage, barrier system for exhibits, computers and software, information stands for exhibits, shelving and furniture.

We are asking for donations from individuals, motoring groups and corporate sponsors interested in assisting us to reach our goal.

Financial donations can be made at our Chuffed page or at the Museum.


Your support is important to our Museum.

Thank you for your support.

Would you like to be a sponsor? There are many ways you can contribute towards the success of the Museum and every bit goes a long way in helping us fulfil our mission.

Corporate sponsorship is available from $500 per annum.

Exhibit your vehicle

Show off your ‘pride and joy’!

If you would like to display your vehicle in the museum for a period of time,  please send us a photo of it and the details on this form.

Use our contact form, email us or call Graham Dean on 0408 234 000

Thank You

Please support the people who support us